Fertility and Menstrual Support

Chinese medicine is readily sought out to enhance fertility and correct imbalances in the hormonal system.  It helps to build progesterone, support the thyroid and regulates the menstrual cycle which is cornerstone for laying the groundwork for fertility. A regular menstrual cycle with good quality and quantity blood, minimal pain and premenstrual symptoms and balanced emotions point to/indicate a healthy reproductive system with balanced hormones.

Acupuncture fertility treatments not only prepare a woman’s body for conception, but it builds her vitality and inner reserves.  These reserves are like a deep well of water, which a woman draws from throughout her pregnancy to grow and nourish her baby.

For women undergoing assisted reproduction technologies like IUI and IVF, Chinese Medicine greatly enhances the outcome and assists with the side effects of the hormones and drugs. Standardized protocals can be used to increase blood flow to the uterus and assist with egg retrievals and transfers.