From Tot to Teen

A reliable alternative to antibiotics, steroids, antacids and other medications.

Shonishin (pronounced Show-Nee-Shin) is an essential treatment modality for children in Japan. In Japanese, “sho” means little, “ni” means children, and “shin” means needle. Shonishin is a needle-less form of acupuncture. Small tools are used for rubbing, tapping, pressing, and stroking the surface of the skin to stimulate acupuncture points and assist the flow of Qi in the developing meridians. The gentle and non-invasive techniques of Shonishin can bring about positive changes in the different systems of the body and provides a safe and reliable alternative to antibiotics, steroids, antacids and other medications. Shonishin is traditionally practiced on the full moon, a time of the month when the planetary Qi is abundant, to enhance immunity and fill the meridian system.


Shonishin is a lifesaver for parents struggling to soothe the myriad discomforts that the first couple years of life can bring.

These include:

  • colic and reflux
  • colds, coughs and ear infections
  • difficult digestion
  • teething
  • pre- and post-vaccine immune support
  • eczema and baby acne
  • poor sleeper


Shonishin can be used as a first line of defense as soon as a child is getting sick or showing symptoms. It can also be used to treat chronic issues.

  • colds, coughs, ear infections
  • asthma
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • bedwetting
  • rashes and eczema
  • hyperactivity and insomnia
  • sensory and nervous system related isssues


Pre-teens going through puberty undergo as many numerous changes in their body as babies developing in their first year of life. Shonishin can be extremely helpful in regulating the hormones and assisting in balancing the mind and emotions.  

Shonishin can be used along with needles (depending on the adolescent’s comfort level) to support the transition from child to young adult.

  • menstrual support and PMS
  • depression and anxiety
  • digestive issues
  • acne
  • stress and headaches
  • frequent colds and compromised immune system
  • muscular-skeletal injuries and pain

HFA specializes and takes pride in treating children from birth through to adulthood.

From infancy to about age 10 we use Shonishin (show-nee-shin), a painless, gentle approach to acupuncture that uses non-insertive silver tools to stimulate meridians and acupuncture points. The tapping and brushing of the tools promote the circulation of Qi and Blood and benefit the child’s developing meridians. It stimulates the function of the immune system and relaxes the nervous system.

In our culture, antibiotics are over-prescribed, suppressing the pathogenic influence and leading to a chain of chronic problems in the future. Shonishin, an essential treatment modality for children in Japan, can be considered an alternative to the overuse of antibiotics.

Shonishin has a long history in treating:

  • colds and flu
  • acute and chronic cough
  • ear infection
  • allergies, asthma, eczema
  • colic, diarrhea, abdominal pain
  • nightmares, sleep problems, bedwetting
  • attention deficit disorder

Until about the age of 10, a child’s meridian system is close to the surface of the skin and is easy to access. Because of this, children respond very well to treatment. Parents can see immediate results while participating in the child’s healing process knowing they aren’t overwhelming their child’s system with antibiotics or other “scorched-earth” style treatments.

Tara was present at the birth of our son, helping my wife with acupuncture and acupressure, and has been his primary physician ever since. He has loved visiting “Tara Doctor” since before he could crawl and even now, age 9, he settles down on the table and relaxes into her care. 

Thank  you, Tara, for your wisdom, compassion and service.

Marlowe Fawcett